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Malaysia web design

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Malaysia web design

Brand and personal web design expert!

Web Design & Develop

**2 weeks to 1 month to finish!

  • Domain and Server registration
  • Logo + Banner + Image + Web Design
  • Website page creation
  • Admin management system CMS (you can update the website content by yourself)
  • SEO search engine optimization
  • $ price depends on severity
  • Supports multiple languages

Mobile apps design and develop

**1 to 2 months to finish!

  • Server registration
  • Logo + Banner + Image + Mobile Page Design
  • Mobile phone programming (iPhone / Android)
  • the whole process is completely confidential
  • Admin management system CMS (you can update Apps content by yourself)
  • Supports listing to Apps Market
  • $ price depends on severity
  • Supports multiple languages

SEO enhancement

**2 weeks to have effect!

  • for Google/Yahoo/Bing/ Baidu Baidu
  • Suitable for multiple keywords
  • Google for different regions
  • SEO Setup + SEO Maintenance monthly maintenance
  • $ price depends on severity

Many years of web design experience, customers have received rave reviews!


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Our skills

Comprehensive IT and business technology of the team

Our team is composed of a group of skilled programmers who are familiar with all kinds of webpages, mobile apps and online promotion techniques!

>Web design, web develop
Mobile - iPhone Android Apps Develop
Facebook Instagram Youtube - Online Marketing promotion
Google Yahoo Bing Baidu Search ranking enhancement
Server defense, maintenance and update

Malay-Tech The web design service is very flexible, individual users can create their own personal website at a very affordable price, and the content is also very easy to operate!

Kitty WONG
personal client

Malay-Tech The webpage design provided is very beautiful, and the SEO technology is very strong, one month after the website is completed, it can rise to the third place in Google!

Mr Cheung
SME client

Many web designs are commercialized, but Malay-Tech has web design experience from many organizations and is familiar with the conditions and requirements of various industries.

Ms Tam

Nearly 10 years of web design experience, Contact us (24 hours service)

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